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Writer's Block: Heart to Heart

Valentine's Day: love it or hate it?
Actually, despite not having a girlfriend or anything of the sort- my family's always enjoyed this holiday. We'd always give valentines to one another.

I got some chocolate for the few people I know some friends, but I think there's some extra in case anyone wants any...

((ooc: I'm totally Waddle Dee, yup this isn't an RP-log at all. Nosiree.
Yes Waddle Dee is open to cupid-bot shenanigans, but he's not gonna be shot. So feel free to crush on him if you want. Who really would, though.))

Start of a new month

So, it's February now. I changed my calender and noticed that this month has the holiday "Valentine's Day". I'm...not exactly sure what that is.

But I'm glad it's getting closer to spring. Despite how I bundle up almost every day no matter what the season, I really do like spring a lot more than winter. Not too hot and not too cold, and the flowers really start to bloom.

I'm so confuuuuuuused.
I haven't changed that much at all. Except I feel like prancing through a field of flowers.
My hair is a little longer, but that's about it.

So mostly everyone has had their gender switched? How odd.

((ooc: Yeah, Waddle's been GB'd. He's just not huge-chested.))


What's this green stuff hanging from the doorways? From what I've seen people've been kissing under it. That's kinda...odd, I guess.

*fff Waddle Dee has not yet realized what Mistletoe is nor it's holiday meaning. Feel free to watch him hide behind his scarf at any contact whatsoever. Woo~*

Dec. 7th, 2008

For the first time in awhile I actually played a game on my gameboy color. It's really old, but I enjoy playing it. Though I don't have many games for it, since it's an outdated system and I kinda found it in a bargain bin. I managed to find a game called 'Batman: Forever', and I've been playing that for a little while...

I also got a bunch of candy canes. I think I bought too many...

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I looked out the window for a bit...and stepped outside for a little as well.

I'm alright with snow, I just prefer watching it from the window than outside.
It has nothing to do with being warm, since I'm always bundled up.


It's been really cold lately, I'm glad I wear a scarf and hoodie.
I need to get out and about though, I feel like I've been laying around and drowsing off in classes.

Maybe I should take a walk around the city or something...Does a-anyone wanna come along, maybe?

Uh, Bulba your face has been getting really red lately, are you okay?



The dance was nice. I didn't exactly dance or anything, but it was nice to see how everyone else had a good time.
Or at least, most of everyone who went, I guess.

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((fff I'm adding a bit of backstory to Waddle Dee if that's fine. I can't find his old app anyways.))



A H-homecoming dance?

...I don't think I'll go, I'll probably study, or write a letter....Yeah right, to who? He'd probably tear it up when he got it.

There's still time, though...I'll think about it...